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Cleantech Capital for Sustainable Investments

High capital requirement and market complexity are the major challenges in implementing cleantech projects.

Renexus and our global partners and affiliates specialise in early stage investments, focused on cleantech projects and companies in the Asia Pacific region. We identify and finance high growth cleantech projects ready for implementation and invest in cleantech companies for global expansion through our cleantech capital solutions through co-investment and credit enhancement facilities.

Shariah-compliant financing for Cleantech projects.
As specialists in the Cleantech industry and a leading EPCC firm, Renexus understands the complexities involved in cleantech projects require a more modern, flexible and bespoke approach to access funds. We work in direct consultancy with our financing expert partner to develop innovative, bespoke shariah financing models, including Islamic green bonds, in full compliance with the policy standards set by the Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) of Bank Negara Malaysia.

We believe because everyone has a unique story, each financing solution needs to be highly customised. We actively work with peers and investors that are aligned with our sustainable investment approach, to advance shared goals, develop and define sustainable investment best practices.

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