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Renexus Group is committed to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). We utilise advanced technologies that have zero or minimal negative environmental impact in their respective fields. We are committed to bringing leading-edge technological solutions created towards delivering greater efficiency, cutting emissions and drive higher productivity.

We are committed to adopting the new evaluation schemes, such as internationally recognized Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED®)and Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM®) and Green Building Index (GBI) to measure the results of this environmental impact in a more comprehensive and accurate manner.

As the appointed representative of AVEVA smart cities solutions in the region, Noah Infokomm is fully aligned with AVEVA’s philosophy to bring technologies that create a sustainable future where economic growth supports environmental sustainability with better living standards for all. 

Leading the Cleantech Innovative Hub in Malaysia
Renexus Group, has been selected by the Centre for Collaborative Research in Science Engineering and Technology (CREST) to lead the Cleantech Innovation Hub in Malaysia. 
This prestigious award by CREST underscores the Group’s commitment and ability to deliver projects that are environmentally, socially and economically responsible and also benefit project owners, end-users or recipients. We aim to do our part in bringing about a greener lifestyle, healthy living and restore our harmonious balance with nature. 


We incorporate the following as key sustainability components in our business processes and operational processes:

• Energy Efficiency including demand issues such as lighting, heating and cooling and supply issues such as renewable energy
• Health and Wellbeing effects of lighting and ventilation
• Transport provisions for cycling facilities, green travel planning and access to public transport
• Water use of water-efficient appliances, sustainable urban drainage and water metering
• Pollution deal with pollution at source, CO2 emissions, and avoidance at design stage
• Materials specification and procurement of ‘green’ goods and services
• Biodiversity conservation, management and monitoring strategies
• Social Values impacts on local employment, social facilities, spaces and community engagement;
• Waste Management recycling of wastewater, solid waste and biomass for reuse and renewable energy generation


Innovative concepts and designs, sustainable construction processes and practices, and value creation can make a difference in improving the quality of life in existing or new living communities including the rehabilitation or redevelopment of city or rural areas, transforming them into higher value assets through such sustainable measures. 

  • Sustainable Cities 
  • Green Buildings & Infrastructure 
  • Landscape & Open Spaces 
  • Environmental Protection 
  • Solid & Liquid Waste Management 
  • Accessibility and Transport 
  • Precision Agriculture & Food Production 
  • Clean Energy & Green Technology 
  • Risk & Disaster Management 

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